What3words App

Posted by Damian Rawcliffe

What3words is app that can be used in an emergency to send your exact location to a friend or family member of the emergency services. The emergency services control rooms can them send your location to emergency responders to find and help you wherever you may be. This app has already saved countless lives in the UK and abroad and we at Apollus Medical recommend this fantastic life saving App wherever you are.

Some basic features:

  • Find your location and send to a friend or family or emergency services
  • Your friend can then navigate to your location using the app
  • You can tog photos with the location of the image
  • Find addresses and save them into your favourites

What they say about themselves


what3words is a really simple way to talk about location.

We have assigned each 3m square in the world a unique 3 word address that will never change.

For example ///filled.count.soap marks the exact entrance to what3words’ London headquarters.

3 word addresses are easy to say and share, and are as accurate as GPS coordinates.

51.520847,  -0.19552100 ←→ /// filled.count.soap

Our vision is to become a global standard for communicating location. People use what3words to find their tents at festivals, navigate to B&Bs, and to direct emergency services to the right place.

Easily find a what3words address for anywhere in the world

Learn more about What3words on their website

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