Strategic Alliance with Praesido

Posted by Damian Rawcliffe

Apollus Medical has confirmed a strategic alliance with Praesidio as their sole provider for medical training services. Praesidio are a specialist security, emergency response and training provider. They provide a wide range of solutions to suit a varied client base, be it private, corporate or governmental; operating from the UK, but with a global reach. Their team of specialists are drawn from military, law enforcement and security backgrounds. The team is further supplemented with personnel who are qualified in project management, commercial, legal, public relations and contractual disciplines.

New Strategic Alliance with Elite ADT

We are very proud to announce a new strategic alliance with Elite Advanced Driver Training (Elite ATD) who will be delivering the FutureQuals Level 3
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Close Protection Team Medical Equipment

Although Apollus Medical do not source or supply medical equipment to close protection teams, we can and do advise teams on what should be carried,
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Deployed Medicine App

Deployed Medicine is an innovative learning service developed to supplement the medical education and training of U.S. military personnel, although some of the medical content
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