3 Hour Zero Responder Workshop

Group Bookings £400 – Maximum 12 delegates

Who is a Zero Responder?

It is a harsh reality that there may be a time when you find yourself at the epicentre of a major incident with mass casualties. This could take the form of an explosion or terrorist attack. Would you know what to do? Would you have the equipment to deal with a catastrophic haemorrhage?

Our specialist ‘Zero Responder’ 3 hour workshop provides the knowledge and skills required of a ‘Zero Responder’ who may find themselves at the epicentre of a major incident with mass casualties and may have to take action prior to the arrival of the ‘First Responders’ i.e. Ambulance, Fire and Police.

Have the emergency services ‘First Responder’ been called? Do you know what information they require? What is the exact location of the incident? What has happened? Are there any hazards in the area? How many casualties are there? How serious are the injuries? Are there casualties with immediate threats to life such as catastrophic haemorrhage? What should you do? What should you not do? Are you prepared to deal with this?

The Kerslake Report from the Manchester Arena attack on 22nd May 2017 highlighted that the zero responders i.e. the general public and staff members involved in the incident within the ‘Hot Zone’ were vital to saving lives prior to arrival of the emergency services.

Below are some extracts from that report:

‘The immediate response of the emergency services was the main area of focus for many participants and was commented on by nearly three-quarters of respondents. A common perspective was that there were too few paramedics in the foyer assisting the injured. Some felt there was a delay in treatment and transfer to hospital. Many were concerned at the need to use makeshift stretchers, insufficient first aid equipment and the lack of blankets. In general, there was praise for the prompt arrival and professional approach of emergency services from participants who were not injured.’

“Metal railings were used to carry out all the injured people from the Arena. Me and six police officers carried X to the station. I assisted with five or six people being carried out.”

“I was carried out of the Arena on an advertising board. There was a lack of first aid equipment for people to access. They had small first aid boxes on their belts and were not allowed to collect more from stores as the zones were closed off.”

“Without a shadow of a doubt, we need trauma kits and stretchers in all arenas and public places. This should be done as soon as possible.”

This workshop is designed to address this gap in knowledge and equipment and to provide the knowledge, skills and advice on equipment to maximise the effectiveness of those zero responders. 

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for any public facing staff members who work in crowded venues such as pubs, clubs, arenas, festivals and shopping centres.

How is this Workshop Delivered?

The emphasis of this workshop is hands on practical skills stations with elements of group discussions. All training equipment such as catastrophic haemorrhage legs, tourniquets, packing gauze, trauma dressings, tough cut sheers and stretchers will be provided.


  • Immediate action to be taken at an incident
  • The emotional response
  • The catastrophic haemorrhage kit
  • Scene assessment
  • Calling for emergency services
  • Primary survey
  • Dealing with catastrophic haemorrhage
  • Secondary Survey
  • Packaging & extracting the casualty

Assessment Criteria

The assessment criteria is verbal questioning and observational through practical application of skills


Apollus Medical Certification valid for 3 years


This workshop can be run twice daily at a location of your choice.