Close Protection Training Provider Alliances

Posted by Damian Rawcliffe

Apollus Medical specialise in the provision of First Responder Training for Close Protection Operations.

Our instructors are able to draw upon decades of experience operating globally on close protection operations combined with front line medical provision within the UK and abroad.

We provide high fidelity training with emphasis on real skills that an operator must be confident and competent in performing to save the lives of his team mates or principal within the required scope of practise.

The once clear difference between a hostile environment and a passive environment are no longer as clear and defined. The modern close protection operator must be able to deal with blast injuries whilst operating within the UK and Europe just as effectively as whilst working in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

The notion that not carrying a medical bag and that being competent and confident in these these skills are not required because the ambulance service is available was proven inaccurate and incorrect during the Manchester Arena bombing where emergency services were overwhelmed and it took time to reach the epicentre of the incident. The Kerslake Report from the Manchester Arena attack on 22nd May 2017 highlighted the following from interviews of witnesses.

‘The immediate response of the emergency services was the main area of focus for many participants and was commented on by nearly three-quarters of respondents. A common perspective was that there were too few paramedics in the foyer assisting the injured. Some felt there was a delay in treatment and transfer to hospital. Many were concerned at the need to use makeshift stretchers, insufficient first aid equipment and the lack of blankets. In general, there was praise for the prompt arrival and professional approach of emergency services from participants who were not injured.’

Your immediate action within the first few minutes of an incident is the difference between life and death!

Apollus Medical currently offers the Qualifications Network Level 3 First Responder Course over a period of five days where students with receive three Level 3 awards.

  • Level 3 Award for First Responder (RQF)
  • Level 3 Award in Administration of Emergency Oxygen (RQF)
  • Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (RQF)

This course has been designed specifically for the close protection operations taking into consideration the mechanism of injury that is potentially suffered such as:

  • Gunshot and stab wounds
  • Blast injury with Blast Lung and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Road Traffic Collisions in armoured vehicles

This training can be delivered anywhere in the world with suitable facilities.

High Fidelity Training

Discounted pricing structure is available upon request.

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