About Apollus Medical

Apollus Medical was founded by Damian Rawcliffe in 2019 to provide high quality training through realism and competences gained through operational experience. The Apollus Medical training team consists of active members of the UK Ambulance Service and Specialist Paramedics to ensure currency and competency in our content. Our training team brings a wealth of clinical and operational experience working in numerous environments around the world to enhance our delivery and provide the best possible learning outcome.

Apollus Medical is a specialist training and medical provider for pre-hospital emergency care focussing on hands on scenario based learning through the Qualsafe FREC Suite of courses and the FutureQuals Emergency Response Ambulance Driving Course.

We also provide the full suite of First Aid at Work Ofsted regulated packages on a national scale. The first aid and zero responder courses are designed to ensure that public facing staff have a medical capability and are able to perform life saving interventions with the correct equipment at the correct time promoting a positive outcome.

The RED MED course is designed to provide current healthcare professionals with a knowledge framework and experience to prepare for RED MED operations and to safely integrate into any remote team in an austere and challenging environment. This course is ideal for healthcare professionals who are currently working in or striving to work with in a close protection team in wilderness and austere environments.

About Damian Rawcliffe – Founder Apollus Medical

After returning from the Middle East in October 2016, Damian joined the UK Ambulance Service as an Associate Ambulance Practitioner where he continues to work part time on a 999 Emergency Response Frontline Ambulance.

Prior to this Damian has 19 years combined experience in the British Armed Forces & as a Close Protection Operator with operational experience in Northern Ireland, Eastern Europe, Africa, Central America & the Middle East. 

He has worked as a Close Protection Operator & team medic for the British Foreign & Common Wealth Office, the UK Military, US Military & US State Department in hostile environment operations.

He has also designed, developed & delivered tactical/medical training programmes for multi-national close protection teams in Europe, Central America and the Middle East.

During his extensive career he progressively moved up the promotional ladder and ultimately to security/medical deputy project manager to a diplomatic mission in Baghdad, Iraq.

During a ten-month close protection deployment in Guatemala, Damian also volunteered with the Bomberos Volunteer Ambulance Service in Guatemala City answering emergency calls within the community.   Damian also co-trained the local national close protection team for the British Embassy in Guatemala City.

Throughout his career he has remained passionate about his work and his personal development to enhance his operational performance.

All Apollus Medical Training Team members have current DBS clearance and the update service ID can be issued upon request where required.